Chair of Technical Committee

Benjamin V. Tucker
Associate Professor
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Northern Arizona Univeristy


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Scope of Scientific Activities

We are a special-interest group of about 950 scientists within the ASA concerned with the study of the production, transmission, and perception of spoken language, including the following:

  • The acoustic, physiological, psychological, and linguistic phenomena related to the human speech process
  • Speech-transmission systems
  • Machine processing of speech, including speech analysis, synthesis and automatic recognition
  • The measurement and assessment of speech as to its intelligibility and its quality.

Thus, we come from many different disciplines, including at least physics, speech and hearing science, experimental psychology, linguistics, electrical engineering, etc.


Members Receiving Honors!

Congratulations to Speech Communication Technical Committee members Lori Holt, Steven M. Lulich, and Yua Wang on being appointed fellows of the society!

Silver Medal in Speech Communication

Congratulations, Anne Cutler!

For contributions to understanding speech recognition by native and non-native listeners, and leadership in speech science

Congratulations to New Fellows!

Alex Francis

For contributions to understanding of cognitive- linguistic processes in speech perception, and mentorship of future scientists

179th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America Acoustics Virtually Everywhere
  • Special Sessions
  • Reintroducing the High-Frequency Region to Speech Perception Research (with P&P)
  • Organized by: Ewa Jacewicz, Robert Fox
  • Listening in Challenging Circumstances (with Noise, AA, P&P)
  • Organized by: Kristin Van Engen, Melissa Baese-Berk
  • Developing a Cross-Platform Federated Code Repository for Speech Research
  • Organized by: Charles Redmon, Matthew C. Kelley, Benjamin Tucker
  • Acoustics in the COVID-19 pandemic (ID)
June 22: 179th Meeting (Dec. 2020) to be All Virtual

Changes have been made for the 179th Meeting of the Society in response to concerns for the health and safety of attendees. We are excited to announce that the December 2020 meeting, entitled “Acoustics Virtually Everywhere”, has been converted from a face-to-face meeting to an all virtual event.

The technical sessions will occur between December 7 (Monday) and December 11 (Friday), 2020 (note date changes from the original schedule). Some administrative committees may choose to meet before or after these dates to enable people to attend more technical sessions.  The call for papers and the abstract submission site will be posted within the next two weeks.

December Meeting in Cancun is cancelled

The meeting scheduled for December 2020 in Cancun has been canceled. Instead, we will meet in Chicago as was planned for the meeting in May, 2020.

Congratulations to New Fellows
  • Cynthia Clopper, “For contributions to the acoustics and perception of dialect variation”
  • Linda Polka, “For contributions to native and non-native speech perception in infants and adults.”
Medals and Awards
  • Judy Dubno awarded 2020 ASA Gold Medal
  • Maureen Stone elected President-Elect
Student Poster Award Winners (San Diego Meeting)
  • Reed Blaylock, USC. “5aSC4:  Beatrhyming probes the nature of the interface between phonology and beatboxing.”
  • Kirsten Meemann, UT-Austin. “2aSC19: The effect of clear speech and masking noise on listening effort in native and non-native listeners.”