Speech Communication Technical Committee

Concerned with the study of the production, transmission, and perception of speech, including the following:
-Speech production: physiology, mechanics, and acoustics of speech and voice production; models of speech production; first-language and second-language speech production

-Acoustic phonetics, including segmental and suprasegmental aspects of speech

-Speech perception: physiological and psychological aspects of speech perception; voice quality perception; models of speech perception; first-language, cross-language, and second-language speech perception

-Speech acquisition: acquisition of speech production and perception; first-language and second-language speech acquisition; models of speech acquisition

-Speech and hearing disorders: effects of speech production disorders on the articulation, acoustics, and perception of speech; effects of hearing impairment on speech perception and production; effects of aided hearing or speech (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, electrolarynx) on speech perception and production

-Neuroscience of speech production and perception

-Speech intelligibility: perception and intelligibility of accented, disordered, and synthetic speech, and of speech degraded by noise or transmission channel; production and perception of speech in acoustically adverse environments

-Communicative aspects of singing: production and perception of phonetic or emotional content in song

-Speaker classification and speaker identity: articulatory, acoustic, and perceptual properties of speech linked to a speaker’s sex, gender, age, and emotional state; sociophonetics; speaker, language, and dialect recognition by humans and machines; forensic voice comparison

-Audiovisual and other multimodal speech perception

-Speech processing and speech technology: signal processing of speech; speech synthesis; automatic speech recognition

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